5/8 inch Crush Washer

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Use this American Made 5/8 inch Crush Washer to install one of our J-5 Tactical Muzzle Devices to your Big Bore AR-15. If you are looking for a Black Steel 5/8 inch Crush Washer for your .458 Socom, 450 Bushmaster or other Big Bore rifle look no further. Great price, great quality, American Made.

(1) 5/8 Crush Washer

Crush Washers are designed to be “crushed” when tightened, creating the lock between the muzzle device and barrel shoulder. Something to note that is if you ever remove the muzzle device a new crush washer should be used to ensure the lock on reinstallation. For a muzzle device that doesn’t require alignment, a Crush Washer is superior.



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