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.450 Bushmaster Complete Upper Receiver

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Product Description

This J-5 Tactical .450 Bushmaster Complete Upper Receiver M-LOK is built by J-5 Tactical using only quality American made parts. This is a complete, AR-15 .450 Bushmaster Complete Upper M-LOK that is fully assembled and will perform without hesitation, consistently placing rounds where you aim. All J-5 Tactical .450 Bushmaster Complete Upper Receivers are tested prior to shipping.

What you receive:
1 – Complete BIG BORE upper receiver
            * larger ejection port, with forward assist.
1 – 16″ parkerized .450 Bushmaster barrel
1 – 15″ M-LOK  free floating hand guard and barrel nut
1 – Muzzle Brake
1 – Micro .875 gas block
1 – Stainless steel gas tube (carbine length)
1 – Nitride .450 specific bolt carrier group
1 – Mil-Spec Charging handle
*We do not recommend Hexmag for .450 we test fire with the Lancer .450 and properly modified GI mags.
*There may be slight variations in the handguard due to inventory and availability


History of the 450 Bushmaster

The impetus for the .450 Bushmaster was actually a call-to-arms, so to speak, for a more effective, one-shot-and-done defense cartridge. The late and often controversial Col. Jeff Cooper—champion of big-bore knockdown power in both rifles and handguns—had long held that the U.S. military’s adoption of the 5.56 NATO cartridge was a mistake. He argued (as did many frontline soldiers) that the diminutive round was insufficient for getting the job done quickly in battle conditions. Cooper, always a fan of the .45 ACP pistol cartridge, envisioned a similar-sized pill designed for a carbine—something that would put the bad guy down with decisive, one-shot finality. Being a hunter as well as a tactical trainer and theorist, Cooper also acknowledged the benefits of such a round for big-game applications. Not cape buffalo or brown bear, perhaps, but certainly a score-settler for any of North America’s Cervidae family as well as hogs and black bear.


1 review for .450 Bushmaster Complete Upper Receiver
  1. Willam

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Other than recoil, I love this upper. Make sure to get a heavy buffer to help mitigate some of the recoil, and quick cycling of the weapon. With Hornady black 250 gr getting sub MOA. Excellent big game cartridge, with exceptional accuracy.

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